Hook and Loop Fasteners Information


Hook and loop fasteners consist of two layers of fabric. The first layer is covered with tiny hooks. The second layer is covered with tiny loops. Resins on the hook and loop fastener provide a secure, but easily removable connection.

Hook and loop fasteners are used in many applications. Some products are used in industrial, aircraft, and automotive applications. Others are used in clothing materials and supplies, or consumer products.


Hook and loop fasteners vary in terms of specifications including:

Operating temperature - A specialty hook and loop fastener can withstand temperatures up to 100º C.

Strength - The strength of a hook and loop fastener depends on the area of the surface remains in contact with the hooks.

Width - Hook and loop fastener tapes come in different shapes and widths such as 5/8 in. A hook loop fastener has a tape width of 20 mm to 50 mm and a roll length of approximately 25 m.

Post time: Mar-18-2019

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